Bryce Canyon City holds the distinction of being the closest community to the entrance of Bryce Canyon National Park. A series of natural, horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters displaying colorful rock pinnacles, fins, arches and spires in every shape and size, Bryce Canyon is a scenic, high-elevation respite – an escape from hot summer temperatures where you can see for nearly 100 miles in some places. Bryce Canyon City is home to a new transportation hub, a major stop along the route of the free Bryce Canyon Shuttle, which transports visitors into the park without having to worry about the hassle of traffic or finding a parking spot. The city hosts several major events throughout the year, including the Bryce Canyon Winter Festival, the Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo, and the Bryce Canyon Rim Run and Walk. Read More

In July 2007, Bryce Canyon City became Utah’s 244th incorporated city. Even though the city is home to only 138 permanent, year-round residents, on any given day from April to October it hosts more people than live in Garfield County. Incorporation allows the city, which includes Ruby’s Inn and its surrounding 2,300 acres, better public safety and better roads as well as sidewalks and street addresses. Incorporating fulfilled the dream of Ruby’s Inn founder Reuben C. Syrett, who established the motel in 1916 as a stopover for Bryce Canyon visitors. Today the resort features 528 rooms, 2 restaurants, an RV park, a general store, quaint shops, and outfitters providing horseback rides, ATV tours, and scenic flights that offer visitors a different perspective on the area’s spectacular scenery.